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Knowledge, Professionalism and Experience creating together a good reputation since the Company's establishment in 1976
The Knowledge
The Company is a leader in the execution and finishing level, while continuously learning intelligent and advanced work methods and accumulating greater knowledge throughout the years.
Especially remarkable is the wide array of solutions the Company offers in the various fields of construction, execution of wide-scale projects, as well as complex and advanced works, work safety and high-quality service.
The Professionalism
The Company is managed by Avner and Sasi Batat, who have been granted a license by the Ministry of Labor authorizing them as finishing and foundation contractors. The Company's activity meets the requirements of the quality management systems standards in the field of construction contract work.
In addition, the Company invests in the training and initiation of the organization's workers, overseeing their authorization as recognized safety officers licensed by the Ministry of Labor and the Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene.  
Working in cooperation with leading suppliers and the finest professionals, who have been meticulously chosen and their activities are under direct supervision at the sites.
The Experience
We have many years of experience in the establishment and maintenance of plants and offices.
The Company specializes in the execution of complex projects in operating plants and offices, according to limitations and constrains of the location, without stopping the production or activity operations at the site.
Building private homes in a wide and varied range of complex finishing levels which is an essential characteristic of our Company's best advertisement and guarantee for our customers.
The many years of expertise and the implemented work ranks the Company at a high standard of industrial and private construction.
Industrial Construction: Constructing industrial buildings, laboratories and cleanrooms, production and packaging halls, offices, storage rooms, layout modifications, continuous maintenance of plants and institutions.
Private Construction: Foundation works, building and finishing including works of plaster, aluminum, electricity, air-conditioning, plumbing, carpentry, welding, painting, floors and all other works before handover to the costumer.